Stability Check Program

Stability Check: A program for calculating the stability of behavior.

Carlos Eduardo Costa & Carlos Renato Xavier Cançado.

Research in the experimental analysis of behavior analysis is conducted primarily by using single-subject designs. In these designs, the effects of experimental manipulations are detected more easily when baseline behavior is stable. There are several ways of assessing the stability of behavior. The Stability Check program performs calculations of the stability of some measure of an organism’s behavior and can be useful to most researchers in behavior analysis.


The Stability Check was written in Visual Basic.NET and is compatible with Windows® operating systems. The program is simple to use, requires little HD space and is free. The article listed below describes briefly the importance of behavioral stability in single-subject experimental designs and the Stability Check program.


Costa, C. E., & Cançado, C. R. X. (2012). Stability check: A program for calculating the stability of behavior. Mexican Journal of Behavior Analysis, 38(1), 61-71.


downdrv Stability Check Version: 2.0.0 Beta (Updated: 26/09/2011).


Microsoft Framework 4.0 (Needed to run the Stability Check).